First visit

Have you scheduled your first appointment in Ibarreta dental? Are you feeling a little restless? Your first visit doesn't have to be a mystery. To help answer questions and alleviate concerns, here is what to expect during a new appointment at our Bilbao Dental Clinic.


Welcome and Record Creation


The receptionist will create a new patient record using your personal details and contact information. You will be asked to complete a short questionnaire about your oral health, as well as a complete medical history to get a complete picture of you and your health. Previous dental records can also be transferred to our dental clinic to help build your history. Be sure to ask any questions you have and to share accurate information about your oral health history.


Detailed examination

An X-ray test and an oral examination will be performed by the Doctor. Once done, the appropriate recommendations will be provided depending on your case. Our priority is to maintain perfect oral health, while addressing any cosmetic or other concerns you may have.



After your appointment at Ibarreta dental, the receptionist will schedule your next visit. Regular checkups should be done about every six months, but you may visit us more often depending on your treatment plan.